The purpose of BarCuffs is to quickly and safely secure your vehicle without having to worry about your secure tie-downs or soft straps slipping, or the scratches, blemishes or shifting that can happen while transporting your vehicle. It’s crucial to carry your BarCuffs in a saddlebag or other storage area on your vehicle in order to be prepared if a flat tire, blowout or other vehicle malfunction occurs and towing assistance is required. BarCuffs provide the best in motorcycle tie downs when you need to leave your vehicle unattended overnight or a few hours by preventing theft through locking your bike or vehicle to your truck or trailer. In order to lock, you’ll simply replace one bike tie-down hook with a lock and cable, and replace the motorcycle tie-down hook through the lock to evenly secure your vehicle back onto the truck or trailer.

The BarCuff is one of the strongest tie downs that can provide excellent value while transporting your vehicle. Harley tie downs or motorcycle tie downs like BarCuffs can be used as a point of location on tubing that does not have an eye loop or another place to secure a rope or a strap. BarCuffs have so many uses and it seems that every day people are coming up with even more ideas for to make use of this wonderful tool.

The function of a BarCuff as an especially strong tie-down method is as a stainless-steel forged metal clamp that has a tested strength of an incredible 2,000 pounds. It includes interchangeable rubber inserts that start at 7/8”, 1”, 1 ¼” and eventually 1 ½”, 1 ¾” and 2” tuing for transporting and use with motorcycle tie-downs and Harley tie-downs. There are two holes that meet flush when clamped around the tubing, which is slightly tapered in order to make a secure clamp around the tubing when a secure tie-down hook is linked through and tightened so as not to slip, scratch or blemish, and to prevent road vibrations.

BarCuffs also function as a lock, and are a great way to protect your investment when you need the assistance of a tow-truck. BarCuffs have made bike transport much safer and easier by its use with the 1 1/4” rubber inserts clamped around the grips. Bikes, including street bikes, BMW bikes, Can Am bikes and trikes, scooters, personal watercraft and other bikes that don’t have much handlebar space or faring with turning signals like scooters, are all great candidates for BarCuffs. With 99 percent of all stock grips at 1 ¼”, and the taper of the secure tie-down holes on the BarCuffs making for a snug grip when tied down, the width of the inserts and shore, or density, of the rubber combined with the rubber grips, make for a nice combination that will not damage of stress the grips themselves. This will effectively reduce the rubbing damage to plastic painted metal or chrome on these types of bikes from excessive and unnecessary rapping of rope and secure tie-down straps.

BarCuffs are the all new motorcycle tie-down or Harley tie-down accessory for the all-purpose motorcycle, dirt bike, BMW bike, scooter, Harley, street bike, ATV, snowmobile, watercraft, UTV, side-by-side, hot rod, off-road truck, custom bike or choppers and most anything with tubing that requires a secure tie-down location, or needs protection from getting scratched or blemished in the process of being towed or in transport.

I began riding and towing dirt bikes and ATVs at an early age and have also been using secure tie-downs as long as I can remember to secure a wide variety of things from one place to another. Most often while towing a vehicle of any type you will come across poor quality roads, dirt roads or narrow winding roads that can be notorious for causing motorcycle tie-downs or soft straps to bounce from round vibrations and either slip and cause scratches on painted or chrome surfaces as well as blemishes such as a ring, will do overtime on a finger. While trailering my own bikes, I would often watch the bikes either in the back of my truck or on the trailer more than the road itself, having to take my eyes off the road to make sure the tie-down has not moved, causing the bikes to loosen which can cause damage to the vehicles themselves or to my vehicle; taking your eyes off the road while towing anything is not a safe way to transport vehicles or anything else for that matter.

There are no motorcycle tie-down, bike tie-down or Harley tie-down type products currently on the market that will securely tie-down and not ruin the finish of your vehicle without the use of BarCuffs. After years of witnessing the normal method of just hooking the rubber-coated hook that eventually cracks away, leaving only metal or looping a nylon soft strap that eventually becomes hard from weather, gas, oil or some other type of liquid spilled on them will eventually cause them to crack and become brittle and break, causing your towing vehicle to loosen and fall over or shift. I designed a metal clamp with interchangeable soft non-scratching, slipping or blemishing rubber inserts with two tapered holes which come together after clamping around the tubing and hooking your secure tie-down hook through them to tighten slightly and safely and securely transport all of your toys and vehicles.