The original Crampbuster started life as a universal assist. It was originally designed 1 1/8″ in diameter with the “paddle” portion protruding back toward the rider about 2″ long.In 1991, the editor of “Popular Science” magazine secretly purchased a Crampbuster for testing. He was so impressed with its performance that the Crampbuster was featured in the “What’s New?” section of the May 1991 Popular Science issue! As endorsements are considered, that was the equivalent to being on the “Johnny Carson Show.” It was then that people began to take the Crampbuster seriously!

When Harley introduced their oversized grips a few years ago, some people complained of having to work too hard to stretch the Standard Crampbuster open enough to install it. So in an effort to keep their customers happy, Crampbuster responded with an Oversized model. This new addition to the Crampbuster family had an increased diameter of 1 3/8″ in diameter to facilitate easier installation on to the ‘oversize’ grips. Now the idea of a “one size fits all” motorcycle grip control was replaced with the thought of having not one universal motorcycle cruise assist, but two different Crampbuster models.

The next modification came when the folks at Crampbuster noticed some pretty interesting (to say the least) looking Crampbusters out there in use due to “self modifications.” While most folks liked the Crampbuster just the way it was, it seemed that a few felt it was slightly longer than they wanted it to be. They used everything from a hacksaw to an ax to shorten their cruise Crampbuster. It was then decided that a more “professional” looking shorter model should be made available. So in early 2005 the new Standard Wide model was introduced as the third member of the Crampbuster family.

It didn’t take long for Harley riders to begin clamoring for a ‘Wide’ model for their ‘fat’ grips too, and so the “Oversize Wide” model was born, creating the ideal Harley motorcycle cruise assist.

Over the years Crampbuster has sported a variety of modifications including a ‘Chrome’ covered model of the ‘Oversize Wide’ Crampbuster. Pink is even available now in some models, yet the folks at Crampbuster have been very careful not to ‘tamper with’ its ‘single loop/all plastic’ design as they are well aware that it is this basic concept of ‘simplicity’ that is the sole reason for its huge popularity among all serious riders.